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Peloton Rolltop 4.0 – Changelog

The Peloton rolltop, our flagship backpack has seen many improvement over the past years, these may not be major nor even visible at a glance, most of these improvements are mainly under the hood, but some are more visible than others, we’ve highlighted some of those improvements below.   1. The closure system of the quick access… Read more »

Team AWOL: Transcontinental Race Part 03

Transconintal Race Teaser:   Specialized AWOL: Transcontinental Race Part 03 “3,200 km on a bike from London to Istabul. Why? Just because. Recep Yesil and Erik Nohlin tackle The Transcontinental Race armed only with their AWOL’s and the determination to finish.” So the third series out of four of the Specialized AWOL team’s epic journey… Read more »