Peloton Rolltop 4.0 – Changelog

The Peloton rolltop, our flagship backpack has seen many improvement over the past years, these may not be major nor even visible at a glance, most of these improvements are mainly under the hood, but some are more visible than others, we’ve highlighted some of those improvements below.


1. The closure system of the quick access organizer pockets have been changed from velcros to water repellent zipper, beside improving the water repellency of said compartment, it also adds depth to the compartments, effectively increasing its capacity.

2. We eliminate the outer sidewall pocket, reasons being: one, there are too many panels and moving parts, and thus difficult to make that pocket waterproof, and two it’s clunky to access as you have to release the side compression straps first. by removing this pocket, we can confidently say that all of the outer pockets are highly water resistant while the inner main compartment is completely waterproof, also the aforementioned additional capacity of the quick access organizer compartment should compensate for the removal of this pocket.


3. We changed the inner lining to a fabric that is as water repellent, yet much lighter than the nylon ripstop we used on the previous gen, combined with the 1000D CORDURA® outer, basically makes the bag completely waterproof without having to add unnecessary weight.


4. The suspended delicate (crush-free) pocket is changed to a transparent mica material so you can see what’s in it.transparent anti crush-free pocket

5. The small grommet hole takes a while to drain water, risking water to accumulate on the pocket and eventually seeping in from the bottom stitchings of the outer pocket and into the inside of the bag, ever since the Peloton 3.0  those prone areas has been seam-sealed, and we also change the grommet hole to a sturdy mesh so that water drains instantly.06---Side-mesh-closeup

6. Based on our observations, people wear their backpacks in different heights, and making the lowerback padding thicker means it comfortable in only one height (when the lower padding is aligned with the lumbar), we want to make it equally comfortable no matter how high or low the user wears the bag on their backs, so we made the back paddings equal in thickness.even-EVA-back-padding

7. Laptops can now be accessed from the quick side access pockets as the laptop compartment has a velcro opening on the side.


8. A new incognito passport-sized pocket against the backIncognito---passport-sized-back-pocket

  • Blake Dietz

    Thank you for this changelog. I wish every company would do this for all of their products. It would be cool if you posted a link to this in the page of the peloton for future reference. Are the peloton 4.0s available right now?

    • LBBJKT

      Hi Blake, yup, all of the available stocks are the new 4.0 model :)

  • Angelo

    Hello, it’s a long of time that Pelaton in black color is out of stock. Let me know something. THX

  • Perry Reid

    Any word when they will be available for order?

    • Tatsuya Nakajima

      Second @perry_reid:disqus !! I came across this bag & site just yesterday and am very excited to make a purchase, but when??

  • James

    It’s been a long time since the Peloton was available. Any idea when you’ll have them in stock? I would hold off on purchasing other bags in favor of this one, but need some idea of a timeline. I signed up for email alerts months ago, but to my knowledge have received no messages.

    • LBBJKT

      Hi James,

      The Peloton and The Peloton Asphalt are scheduled to be restocked in mid-late February :)

  • Benoît de Galzain

    Are you thinking about a light color lining for the peloton asphalt? It would make me hesitate to pay the additional bucks for better hardware/more aggressive look.