Welcome to Life Behind Bars

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Forever imprisoned behind the bars, forced to live a life of wind running through your hair, sweat dripping down your face, legs churning without an end in sight, slipping in and between cars, motorcycles, and busses, getting off the saddle to push, push, push up those hills, the rain stinging your eyes, the road unforgiving, the horizon beckoning but never nearer…

A life sentence of pure, unabashed, joy.

As 2014 approaches, we’re finally launching our official website, dedicated to sharing news and thoughts about the cycling world, also featuring a shop for the products we have and will create in the future. If there are any hiccups in the site, hopefully they’ll get sorted out soon as we iron out the wrinkles. In the meantime, ride hard, ride safe.



  • Patricio Mora

    Two questions
    When is the Peloton Alpha awailible again? The same product in midsize version (25 – 30 L) will it be possible?

    • LBBJKT

      Hi Patricio,
      The Asphalt is scheduled to be restocked Mid-August. A few people has asked for a similar sized bag, we’ll be discussing internally about it! :)

  • Dan Kowal

    I’m very interested in a few of your products but before I purchase I’d like to know two things: 1) What are the working conditions, labor practices of your company to convince me workers are treated fairly who work for you? and 2) what would shipping costs be for your rolltop backs to the U.S. thanks!