• Bar/Saddle Bag

    This is a made-to-order product, as such, there will be an additional lead time of 3-5 days before we can ship the product to you. The Rouleur is for those in-between moments when you don’t want to be bogged down by hauling heavy bags yet still need to have essential items with you, it is for that trip to the coffee shop for your morning bagel, that...

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  • Hip Pouch

    All Black, with a twist.Our mantra has always been "when in doubt, go all black". It's the colorway that is most unsuspecting, inconspicuous, fits just about any occasion, and not to mention badass. Yet, at night, and on the road where safety matters most, the whole bag turns super bright due to thousands of embedded micro retroreflective dots that sends...

  • Hip Pouch

    For when you go out and about for a casual night ride and whatnot with your crew and you don't want any unecessary weight bringing you down, all you want to bring are your phone, wallet, and some essential tools for emergency, that's where the LBB hip pouch comes in.It features a neat divider to separate your oily tools from your other stuff, and a quick...

  • Utility Pouch

    This unsuspecting utility pouch has a neat trick up its sleeve, it 'magically' lift your phone / pocket camera / sunglasses / other gadgets for convenient grab. Securely attaches to your LBB or other bags be it a backpack, messenger bag, or sling bag, either horizontally or vertically, this also means that it can attach to the waist belt. 

  • Cell Pouch

    This Basic Cell Pouch does exactly what it's name suggests, it provides quick access to your cell phone, built very well, warrantied for life. THE KEY FEATURES • Fits phones up to 6" (This includes iPhone 6/7 plus, Samsung Galaxy Note line, Google Nexus 6/6p/pixel XL) and many others • Adjustable height • Weather resistant • D ring loop for keys...

  • Saddle Tool Roll

    In the pursuit of building your dream bike, most of you must’ve thought about every single component that goes into it in detail, but what about how to carry tools? Hex keys, tire lever, CO2 cartridge, and patch kit/spare tube are imperative to have with you at all times, and yet the sleek aesthetic of the bike you thoughtfully built with sweat and tears...

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  • Dopp Kit

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  • External Carry Straps

  • Extra Strap

    Upgrade from the standard plastic buckle closure to the patented AustriAlpin COBRA™ quick release. 

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  • Replacement Straps

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  • Detachable Add-on

    Hip Belts are the true unsung hero in the carry game when it comes to delivering comfort. Considering most of our backpack’s capacity is expandable, it won’t take long until they become heavy, especially during travels. That’s where these padded belts come in. A properly padded and fitted hip belt can transfer around 75-85% of your pack’s weight off your...

  • The LBBxLBB stem feed bag is an additional gear for maximizing your water and food storage on weekend trips, epic day rides, or even commuting. This stem feed bag also functions as handy access to store snacks, nutrition, and rain/wind jacket during your trip. It is also safe for electronics and sunglasses because of its padded construction—making it the...