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Now that The Peloton comes in two sizes (24-34L and 30-42L for the S and the OG respectively), If you know the capacity that you need, go ahead and choose that. But if you need a visual guideline on the Peloton based on body height, read on.
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New bike? Check. Night ride? Done that. Long distance ride? Once on the weekend / one for the weekends. Commuting? Sure. Grocery runs? Don’t leave that just for the messengers out there. Why don’t you give it a shot and get your weekly needs with your trusty steed?
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After examining available information, including the number of new cases reported regionally in Jakarta, which has tended to decline, near and long‑term projected trends, guidelines from national health officials, WHO, and updated recommendations from the government to gradually reopen businesses, we're finally confident in resuming to serve customers from our store.
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Is it safe to ride during this troubling time? Honestly, we're not qualified to answer that but these tips may help you
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An important message for Life Behind Bars' local and international shipping schedule
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