• 32L Messenger

    'The Echelon' [M] is a 32 liter messenger bag that can expand and compress according to needs, we've always been a big fan of messenger bags for it's aesthetic, practicality, and quick access. However, with heavy loads and long rides, it tends to tire one shoulder. the Echelon [M] messenger bag is our way of addressing that issue. we add a retractable...

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  • 22L Messenger

    Everything you love about the Original Echelon –now the echelon [M], but in a smaller form factor, 22 Liters to be exact. Being 10 liters smaller than it’s big brother, the Echelon [S] is perfect for those who carriesfewer item in their day to day activity, those with a smaller body frame, or those who simply wants a more compact yet highly functional...

  • 9L Sling Bag

    For millennia, women have always had the upper hand when it comes to carrying small essentials with their fancy purses and clutches, while the only thing men have are jean pockets, and god forbid, fanny packs, well guess what, men wants a proper way to carry their plethora of gadgets and knick-knacks too, one that also passes the judgement of your local...

    Product available with different options