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  • Rp 485.000

    21L Daypack

    Introducing The Sprint Daypack, at 21 liters, The Sprint may seem as simple as its compact form would suggest, but hold that thought, and read on. While its small footprint means its very handy as a daily-driver, what if you suddenly need an extra room? Well in true LBB fashion, not only that the capacity can expand slightly, this pack also sports a...

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    21L Daypack

    The Sprint Series gets an entirely fresh fit, unlike any we’ve done before. It exuberates all that is Jakarta; loud, bright, and profound. Not only does it represent our hometown, the color orange itself is the symbol of strength and endurance. Let the spirit of orange accompany you as you shred through the ever-messy city streets. The Sprint Daypack’s...

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  • Rp 345.000 Product available with different options

    6L Sling/Waist Bag

    The Sprint Sling is a no-nonsense zip-top crossbody bag. While the name would lead you to believe it is to be worn exclusively as a sling bag, we actually designed it to be worn on the waist as well. The prominent feature on this one is without a doubt, the front window, which is shielded by a heavy duty semi-transparent ripstop fabric. whether you...

    Product available with different options
  • Rp 345.000

    6L Sling/Waist Bag

    The Sprint Sling in Orange doubles as both your crossbody bag and a safety vest. Though we do not recommend using it as the latter, in addition to make you stand out in the crowd, It also features the same goodies as its other colors, such as the semi-transparent front window, sizably compact main compartment, external loops for anti-sway straps, side...