Work at LBB - Life Behind Bars


Life Behind Bars is a company that makes some of the world’s best technical carry goods and apparel for those who love bikes, active lifestyle, photography, adventure and everything in-between. Our products excels both outdoors and indoors, be it urban environment, or otherwise, we emphasize on good design, versatility, durability, as well as weather protection, we strive to always innovate and be on the verge when it comes to implementing the latest technology in bags and technical apparel, additionally, we love bikes, and are huge advocates of getting people on the saddle.


Our lovely office slash workshop in South Jakarta provides a playful working environment, we are constantly curious and always learning. We ask questions, take risks, and build on each other’s ideas. We value diverse perspectives, we respect each other, we don’t discriminate. And as a result, we have better ideas, better products. If that sounds like it’s right up your alley, and you’d like to join our team, let’s get in touch! Help us build the best carry products and technical apparel. We are not looking for a lot of people, but we are looking for the right ones. Our small team opens vacancy from time to time, feel free to check this page to see any position that’s currently available, or just submit your resume at anytime anyway, you never know when we might be hiring, and we may hit you up in the future.

Current Available Positions:

• Customer Experience Agent

Candidate should be genuinely excited to help customers. patient, empathetic, and passionately communicative. candidate should be able to put themselves in their customers’ shoes and advocate for them when necessary…

More details.

• Digital Marketing Strategist

We are seeking an experienced marketing strategist with a strategic vision to join our growing organization. Digital, guerilla marketing and so on, you’ll have the opportunity to explore marketing tools in order to develop, formulate & execute marketing strategy…

More details.

• Junior Social Media Assistant/Meme Guru

We are looking for an energetic person who has a knack for creating engaging contents and discovering fun trends. Candidates should be someone who likes to mingle, socialize and can tell the difference between dry and dank memes when he/she/they see one.

More details.

• Senior Bagmaker

Candidate will be aiding us in the development of new products, this includes translating technical drawings into workable patterns as well as sewing prototypes…

More details.

Common traits that all candidates should possess:

– Great attention to detail

– Good understanding of general english

– Willpower to resist the urge of modern day distractions (you know what these are)

– Positive mental attitude

– An interest in cycling and the culture around it (not a necessity, but sure is a plus)

– Healthy sense of humor, and

– An interesting worldview

In addition to fulltime positions, we are also open to internship opportunities, if you’re a college student on your final year and is looking for an internship at LBB, feel free to submit your resume, majors that are relevant with our line of work are: Product/Industrial Design, Fashion Design, Fashion Business, Graphic Design, Information Technology or Information System, Business/Management, Entrepreneurship, Photography, and other similar studies. That said, we won’t discriminate those who for whatever reason doesn’t attend any formal education, if you dig what we are doing and are keen to join, you too can apply.

Send your resume and or portfolio to with the subject “Internship”.

All position above is for our South Jakarta office, and full-time, unless otherwise stated. That being said, we are also open for part time and or remote position, which can be negotiated during interview.