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“Forever imprisoned behind the bars, forced to live a life of wind running through your hair, sweat dripping down your face, legs churning without an end in sight, slipping in and between cars, motorcycles, and busses, getting off the saddle to push, push, push up those hills, the rain stinging your eyes, the road unforgiving, the horizon beckoning but never nearer…

A life sentence of pure, unabashed, joy.”

Hailing from the chaotic streets of Jakarta, Indonesia, Life Behind Bars™ was born as an homage to local discerning riders. Who despite the unnerving environment of the traffic congested and air polluted concrete jungle that is Jakarta, they still find a reason to get on their bikes. These riders, they never get discouraged, for they treat the traffic as their playground.



Our Design Philosophy

Since our inception, our goal was to make products that are durable, functional, and stylish. When it comes to bags, the traditional notion tend to lead us to believe that high functionality would have to be achieved at the expense of clean aesthetics, and vice versa. It is a premise that we want to challenge whenever we design our bags, as we believe that style and substance can coexist in a single product. As active urban cyclists, here in LBB, we initiate and develop products based on our own needs, we ask ourselves: how we can improve our rides, and get to work on a solution. With urban commuters in mind, we strive to cater for their needs, essentially functional and durable utility products.

Every line is designed from the ground up meticulously using high quality materials that withstand the test of time and weather. We then test the prototypes extensively in the field by ourselves and with the help of several fellow avid riders. We listen to their feedback and inputs, and do the necessary adjustments to get it right, before finally releasing the products. Moreover we do so without compromising the aesthetic values, they are streamlined and stripped of any un-necessaries, because we believe that when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you’ll perform better. After all cycling is a very fulfilling activity, and we want to make products that compliment your urban commute. Fundamentally, our mission at LBB is to make your rides even more rewarding then they already are.

Style Meet Subtance

Our bags are constructed out of the best materials available, we source our fabrics and parts both locally and globally, while manufacturing domestically enables us the advantage to make small batches, quick refinements, and meticulous attention to quality control, which in turn gives us the confidence to back our products with lifetime warranty.

Made in Indonesia with Love

While stereotype do exist, the geography of where a product is made has nothing to do with the quality of the product, who made it on the other hand, has everything. Our products are made by the hands of Indonesia’s best craftspeople, in a sweatshop-free environment.

Quality That Won't Break the Bank

We strive to make world’s most functional and innovative bags at the highest quality yet keeping it relatively affordable. Sounds too good to be true? Not really, we’ll explain: In addition to operating very efficiently, the main thing that enables us to achieve such seemingly insurmountable task is by something we call direct sales prioritization, this essentially means only having a few good retailers while optimizing our direct online store experience and services, that way we can afford to take very little margin and get a universally affordable price point no matter where you get our products from.

If direct sales is so great, why have retailers at all? Good question, as much as we think direct sales is the way to go, we still believe in the value of hands-on time, trying on, and generally experiencing the products in person that only brick and mortar spaces can offer, especially with products that are claimed to be of high quality. Moreover, our customers are spread across the globe, so it makes sense to have at least a few retailers within the area of our prime markets. This best of both world approach is what has made everybody happy, our retail partners and customers alike.


We are a bunch of misfits from different cultures and backgrounds who have banded together under a common mission: making some of the world’s best technical carry goods and apparel for those who love bikes, photography, and all sorts of active lifestyle.

Our lovely office slash workshop in BSD City provides a playful working environment, we’re constantly curious and always learning. We ask questions, take risks, and build on each other’s ideas. We value diverse perspectives, we respect each other, and we don’t discriminate. As a result, we have better ideas, better products. We Prioritise happiness over the bottom line, and sustainability over rapid growth (we always prefer the organic kind anyway).

If that sounds like an ideal working environment for you, and you’re interested in building a career with us, have a peek at some currently available positions.