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The Peloton Asphalt

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  • Two waterproof compartments
  • Floating padded laptop compartment that fits up to, most 17" laptop
  • Up to 15" secondary laptop/tablet sleeve
  • Light and attachment molle loops
  • Front flap magnetic closure
  • Quick access front organizer pockets
  • Large flat document compartment
  • Waist belt that is height-adjustable and also removable
  • Adjustable elastic sternum strap with height slider
  • 2 external side pockets with mesh drainage
  • 6-way compression strap that doubles as external carry system
  • Suspended delicate pocket for fragile items
  • Passport sized incognito pocket
  • Quick side access to main compartment and laptop compartment
  • Quick access specs slot on shoulder strap
  • Heavy duty bottom lining material to protect the bag from ground friction and liquid from seeping through the bottom



Peloton asphalt

Peloton asphalt [s]

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Still going strong 6 years later

I started cycling to work every day some 7-8 years ago, and one thing I quickly noticed was that most backpacks were not fit for the task. I went through a lot of water resistant bags, cycliing specific bags, and there was always a compromise. If it was properly water resistant, it would be awkward to get to things quickly, if it was a cycling specifc bag, it would look silly off the bike or just not be able to store all my stuff. When I did find a good bag, it only lasted about a year before straps started coming loose, tearing or some awful coating started wearing off/cracking. So then I started to really study to find a good bag, and thanks to Bo Ismono's youtube video, it was actually the hauling capability of this thing that sold it for me. These days, everything you need you get it online, and delivery companies stopped delivering to home addresses- or if they did it was in slip form. So you always have to get packages from somewhere else. I refuse to own a car, I live in city designed for cycling, busses are okay, but no fun. I also don't want my bike to be built for the few occasions where I need to pickup stuff, so don't want a trekking pannier. So being able to just ride out, pickup a massive box and get home? Oh the dream. You might look like you're from Death Stranding when you do it but I can do anything with this bag. Heavy loads either fit in or strap on tight, and the bag also wraps down small when not transporting more then a laptop and some clothes. I have used this bag through the worst weather you can imagine, 6 Finnish winters and counting (reaches down to -20 most of them) to extreme monsoon downpours while traveling in Singapore. This is the bag I take if I need to make sure what I am taking with me doesn't get soaked. Mud has been caked onto the surface, and washed away, I have even had some pretty bad falls while wearing this bag but it still looks as good as new. After buying this bag, I feel like such a dope for buying so many other bags. I will wear this for life, and that's not something you find easily these days. Only thing to note with this bag, it's a heavy one, but when you wrap in on your body, you barely notice it. You feel like you're strapping on military equipment when you do.

Etienne Brodu
The only bag

I've had this bag for more than 4 years now, and used it as my only bag to commute everyday and travel every so often. But I also used it as my bike trunk. I can move anything with this bag, from lots of groceries thanks to the large capacity, to an office chair, or other kind of small furniture. After 4 years, the plastic coating inside the bag is damaged, but it's still waterproof thanks to the cordura fabric. One of the zippers of the front pocket is half destroyed, because I used it extensively to grab my keys. And the rubber at the bottom of the bag is a bit worn out. But other than that it's as good as new, and still fits its purpose. The downside, as many already reported before, is the design of the front pocket: because the straps to roll and close the main compartment are pulling on the front pocket, it keeps opening it. And the noise of the scratch opening when I put my bag on my back is the most frustrating. (I have a version with a scratch, not the newer version with magnets.) To this, I think I may have a simple solution: instead of sewing the strap between the fabric of the front pocket flap and the fabric from the outside of the main compartment, it might be possible to sew them to the back of the front pocket, or the fabric from the inside of the main compartment. This way, when pulling on the straps, it won't open the front pocket, but pull on the main compartment, actually holding in place what's inside. Also, I could really do without the laptop compartment: it's quite hard to clean.

Louis-Paul cordier
Absolutely amazing Every Day Carry!

Hi, Like others down there, I spent many time to check different bag, reading reviews, and tested some of them in real life. I tried North St. Flanders, Backpack 0.0 from Haize Project, Wandrd Prvke 41L. At the end, I found someone on reddit who mentioned the Asphalt. This is my review after 1 year of daily use. Note that I’ve bought the regular and the asphalt model in order to compare them. I’m a daily bicycle commuter, and a weekend-ly motorcycle user. Those were my initial criterias: - A bag with minimum 30L of capacity - Light interior to see what’s inside (The PRVKE is really bad on that point) - Comfortable - Rolltop - Quality of materials - Waterproof I wanted a bag able to carry a lot, because I often pass by the food grocery when commuting back to home. This bag can easily handle all my working gears (big headphones, laptop, extra jacket, notebooks) in addition of almost 1 week of food grocery. The ability to increase the capacity of this bag is just amazing. You can really put a lot. Like really. Amazing. Concerning the comfort, the backpack strap are well made, highly soft, I never had a back-ack even after hours of carrying. It is heavier than the average bags you can find in this category, but you don’t really feel the difference IMHO. Compression straps are cleverly designed, easily expendable to reach the other side of the bag (as advertised on the pictures). Carrying big cardboard boxes/parcels is really easy-peasy. The document pocket is nice, I never wrinkled anything in it. Waterproof works well, nothing got wet even after heavy rains. Zippers have a small plastic cover that prevent any water drain. The two front pockets are nice, but very small so I don’t use them very often. However, they are well placed (bottom) so you can reach and open those pockets even when riding a bike. The big front pocket is very convenient, I really like the transparent pocket (and it is the only really reliable place to put stuff – see the cons below). The bottom of the bag is seriously reinforced, so you don’t have to worry about laying your bag on dirty/scratchy floors. Aluminium buckles all around the bag are a good idea as you can put them using one hand. However, I’m not sure that the good choice for the top straps, the fabric of the buckle started to be damaged very quickly. Sidenote: always use the top buckles when fully loaded. I dropped some food on the highway (chicken and pasta :’) ) while riding my motorcycle. Comparing with the regular version of the peloton: You go a step forward in term of material quality on the Asphalt. It feels more robust, especially the inside fabric that seems to be weaker on the regular. The regular version is lighter than the Asphalt. Note that the asphalt comes with waist belt. The Asphalt have magnets for the front pocket, while the regular has a big scratch. One might find the scratch noisy on the regular, but it sticks better than the magnets of the Asphalt. Now the cons: - The major flaw of this bag is the big front pocket. Indeed the 2 buckles of the rolltop are sewed too close of the top of the front pocket. The consequence is when the main compartment is starting to be loaded, the top 2 straps that maintains the rolltop are then pulling the fabric near the top of the front pocket. As the front pocket is using magnets, the magnets are not strong enough to compensate the pulling force of the straps, so they sometime unstick, or they make front pocket to be slighly opened. This problem does not really exists on the regular Peloton thanks to the scratches that prevent this phenomenon. I don’t know how this should be fixed but that really the major issue of this bag. Having zippers on each sides of the front pocket is a good idea, but it create a small gap so small objects might go away especially when you are lying the bag on the floor for example. So I don’t really trust the front pocket, precious stuff always go in the main compartement or in the zipped transparent pocket. This is the missing star on the review. - As said in other reviews, the side access is not really usable. The length of the zipper is too short, you can barely put your hand to extract an item. In addition, straps on this side make the opening/access harder. Now, I’m used to open the rolltop instead of using this side access. - The interior could be flashier: it is sometime harder to see what’s inside the bag. The regular peloton, with its flashy yellow fabric has a clear advantage here. - The rolltop access might take time, as it is a 3-movement process. I’m thinking about replacing the top buckles with Fidlock V-Buckle. - Don’t forget to count import taxes for Europe. No resellers so far, what a pity! I hope those feedback will allow to improve the bag :) So to answer the big question: should you buy it? If you can afford it, definitely yes. That’s the best bag you can get in this volume. This product has been designed by clever people. Design is discreet, however some of my friend noticed...

Brian Howell
You can feel the passion

I purchased the Peloton Asphalt a few months ago and wow this is an impressive bag. Before ordering, spent about a year of researching potential bags and was fortunate enough to visit and inspect many of big brands near me (Chrome Industries, Mission workshop, Road Runner, Inside Line Equipment and Timbuk2). I ended up taking the risk and ordered the Peloton without having actually inspected in person and the risk paid off. Here are my thoughts: First, the quality and build of this backpack is literally second to none of the brands mentioned above. Like it legitimately feels like the Peloton Asphalt was built to survive a nasty motorcycle crash, or an atomic bomb. Second, the attention to detail is unreal. Every time I pick up this back, I can feel the pride of workmanship and design that was put into this bag. The people behind this company truly put their souls into this produce. Everything has purpose. Every detail is so meticulously accounted for, ergonomics and everything. Third, this company is still looking to improve. One of my reservations with all of the bike messenger bag brands was all of them used velcro, including LBB. But when my bag showed up, they had replaced the velcro with very thoughtfully placed magnets! Hundreds of times better -- I absolutely love it. So there is good chance that if you order one of their bags, it will be even better than what is shown in these videos or on their website. Overall, this is a pretty amazing bag. Although pricey, it is definitely shocking that it is as cheap as it is compared to Chrome and Mission. The bag I would have purchased if not the Peloton was the Blck Chrm. While Chrome feels almost as indestructible, it does not feel like Chrome is at the same design level as LBB and I am very satisfied with my purchase. I think once people in America begin discovering this brand, it definitely has the chance to shake up Chrome and Mission. Highly recommend.

Really good bag

I’ve had this bag for over a year and the quality is great. It’s held up really well and is extremely adaptable to going from a small bag to a very large bag. Highly recommend.