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The Breakaway

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The Breakaway
The Breakaway Sale priceRp 895.000,00


  • Signature bright yellow liner for increased browsing visibility
  • Easy access zip opening to the whole main compartment
  • Weatherproof
  • Semi-rigid Polyethylene back-plate
  • Height extendable
  • A total of 6 organizer pockets
  • 2 Side pockets
  • Transparent mica sheet inner pocket for organizing visibility
  • Suspended and padded laptop compartment with soft felt liner (up to 15")
  • 4-way compression strap that doubles as external carry system
  • 3M® reflective, directly integrated onto the webbing
  • Seam sealing for extra barrier against liquid seepage
  • Flaptop or rolltop mode
  • Compression straps that double as versatile 2-way external carry system
  • Handle slip-thru slot for secure carry on top of luggage
Capacity 30-42 L 24-34 L 27 L
Device Fit Laptop compartment up to 17" and Up to 13" secondary laptop/tablet sleeve. Laptop compartment up to 15" and Up to 13" secondary laptop/tablet sleeve. Laptop compartment up to 15"
Weight 1865g 1720g 1595g

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
aditya maheranta

I have the first gen peloton and I am looking for smaller more compact backpack for daily use and as a cabin carry bag for air travel. This bag check all off the boxes. As of now, this bag is accompanying me in a business trip in the land of Uncle Sam and I can tell you, I have the best backpack compared to all my coworker. I'm just still waiting for you guys to re-stock the waist belt

7 years of incredible service!

Bought this bag in summer 2016 (from a reseller) and even though my pack collection has expanded since then, I keep coming back to this one for most occasions. Perfect as a daypack where you can get some groceries on the way home, perfect for a weekend away from the city, but most impressive: it's been a faithful companion on 2 to 3-weeks long trips. My version lacks a bottle pocket but I've grown to love it without this feature :) Only thing I might improve is back ventilation, but it would make it heavier and bulkier with little real added benefit (ventilation can only go so far). Minimalist enough so that it won't make you stand out anywhere, rugged without looking like a fucking tank, amazing build quality. This backpack is AMAZING value for the price. I keep coming back on Life Behind Bars' website, year after year, looking forward to the day I'll need another one.

John AKA Orange Leader
Great design. Excellent build. Comfortable, weatherproof

I used this bag as a bicycle commuter bag for a few years, in ALL weather, 6mi commute each way. Build quality is superb. Weight distribution, very comfortable. Ease of access inside, great. I like the huge compartment style. I can fit almost anything in there...except my lunch bag. A bit too thin f2b to fit my insulated lunchbag in an upright position. For some lunches it's a non issue, like sandwiches, but on wet lunch days, I dont want lunch stuff leaking. I want it upright on my back...and needed this bag to be a few inches more. My other f Gripe is minor, but the lear plastic pockets inside tend to lose small items into the deeper realms of the bag when the bag tips over if the bag isnt completely full. But I do love this bag for travel and will NOT get rid of it.

Antoine Terrasson
Cool bag

Hey there, I've been using my Breakaway for about 2 years : The Pros : Really sturdy, awesome looks, (I have it in black with the cobra buckle), perfect volume for commuting, for a 24hrs trip, or as a daily exploring bag during my vacations, in addition to a checked-in luggage. I also like the expandability, and the yellow interior lining for visibility. Upgrades : Like Daniel T, I added some velcro to close the inside pockets, which by the way are a bit too small in my opinion. I also had a side mesh pocket sewn on the outside of the bag for my water bottle, and it's really useful. Cons : the weight : it's a bit heavy. And the padding in the back could be increased to improve the breathability and prevent sweat.

A good one

Bought the Breakaway for a trip to Sri Lanka last year and then for general use on my Triumph Bonneville. It was and is a great bag. Stylish, well conceived, watertight if you roll it down tight and easy to throw on which is more of a big deal than you think. I got the Cobra buckle option in grey and get lots of comments. Functional, smart, perfect size and the middle zip makes it easy to get shit in and out of. Nice work LBB.